Team Coaching

For the coaching of teams we follow a systemic approach, where the individuals are not in the focus, but the relationships among them. The whole system (board of directors, department, team) is the client itself as an entity, rather than the individuals.

The effects of team coaching are typically:
  • an improvement in the performance of the whole team, not only of the leader
  • a permanent effect in the culture, behaviours and performance of the team, unlike when the intervention is limited to just teambuilding or training
  • Measurable. We use to assess the as-is situation of the team, and compare it with the same measurements along and after the coaching process, in order to track progress
We have been coaching teams in America and Europe, in person and remotely.

What is team coaching?

Team coaching is a process of accompanying a team in achieving its goals through interventions that promote the cooperation among its members, supporting them to review and improve their relationships, work processes and values.

This variant of coaching is much more than the sum of individual coaching processes applied in a collective context. Often companies hire coaches for individual processes, and finally this results in a group or team coaching.

In individual coaching, the focus is on the development of the client, and the progress is measured according to individual results. In team coaching, the coach accompanies a team to develop their skills as a whole, and progress is measured in  terms of collective results.