We solve any management problem, our specialty are the industrial and engineering companies. Below you can find some examples of recent projects.

Management consulting

  • Optimization of the admin processes of a multinational refrigeration company in several countries
  • Know-how transfer facilitation between two companies for cash-flow improvement
  • Cost transparency improvement for an engineering company of heat exchangers
  • Optimization of engineering and sales for a company in the energy sector
  • Process redesign & turn-around for the technical service of an industrial company
  • Organizational design for the integration of two companies in the oil & gas sector
  • Relocation of a German factory of plastic materials into another existing factory
  • Assessment of the profitability of the product lines of a Japanese company
  • Investment study for the punching and bending operations of metal sheets in the Czech Republic

Strategy consulting

  • Global roadmap for a farm equipment business unit of a multinational company
  • Global strategy for a petrochemical business unit of a multinational company
  • Turnaround plan for a farm technology company in Mexico
  • Inter-divisional strategy for a German multinational in Latin America
  • Growth and start-up strategy for a German engineering group in South-east Asia
  • Strategy for organic and external growth for a French-Canadian company

Training programs

  • Training program in project management for different companies in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Dubai
  • Training programs on leadership
  • Training programs on change management